• Published: 6 Jun 2023

Use of hand held power tools

TRAC Hand held
TRAC Hand held

Description of Incident

Who is at risk?

Those who regularly use hand held power tools e.g.

• Air needle guns

• Air/110v 5” grinders

• Air/110v pistol drills

• Hand held drills

Control the risk in using portable equipment

• Equipment to be checked regularly to ensure its fit for purpose

• Personnel using equipment are competent and suitable trained in the use of all the equipment – if unsure do not use

• Use equipment and tools according to manufacturer’s instruction manual - seek help if unsure

• All tools have relevant noise and vibration assessments

• Ensure that loose clothing, jewellery and long hair is tied up or kept away from moving parts of machinery and tools

Ensure correct PPE is worn at all times during use

• Eye Protection - Risks to your eyes include dust/debris from power tools

• Ear Protection - Electrical tools often present a noise hazard

• Foot Protection - Large power tools can be heavy if dropped

• Hand protection – appropriate gloves to be worn

• Flame retardant overalls

• PPE as specified by manufacturer requirements

Complacency using tools

• Familiarity being over familiar with the processes/ workplace/ task/ systems etc.

• Production feeling pressured to get work done without enough time, then rushing through as it’s a familiar task

• Lack of awareness just not seeing things/ not paying attention

How to combat complacency

Every employee must think ahead as they approach each task

• What are you working with? – Tools/equipment/machinery/substances

• What are you doing? – Tasks/activities/jobs

• Where will you be going? – Open areas/confined spaces

• What could go wrong? – Think of the risks and hazards

• Focus mentally and physically, no matter how many times you have done the same job

If you are unsure of anything,

seek further guidance before continuing the job

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