New award categories revealed as nominations open for the 2024 Offshore Safety awards

The search is on for people and companies who have gone the extra mile to ensure safety remains at the forefront of UK offshore operations.

The annual awards event, jointly organised by Offshore Energies UK and Step Change in Safety, is a celebration of the excellent work being done to promote safety across the UK energy industry and improve safety performance. Sponsored by Harbour Energy, it will take place on July 2 at Aberdeen’s Beach Ballroom.

Included in this year’s awards are two new categories. The Major Hazard Awareness award, sponsored by CNOOC, will be presented to the individual(s) or team who have positively influenced or improved a major accident hazard system. This could be in risk management, system efficiency, reliability and/or operability where an innovative solution or modification has delivered safety improvements.

Also new for 2024 is the Wellbeing and Workforce Environment award. This will recognise those individual(s) or team who have actively engaged in improving their worksite or made a difference to their company’s approach to employee wellbeing and the workforce environment. The award category encompasses successful examples across mental and/or physical wellbeing and/or the working environment.

Craig Wiggins, Executive Director of Step Change in Safety, says, "As we gather to celebrate the prestigious Offshore Safety Awards 2024, we are reminded of the unwavering commitment of industry professionals to prioritise safety above all else.

We are delighted to jointly organise this annual event with OEUK, which not only honours excellence but serves as a testament to the collective dedication towards ensuring the highest standards of safety in offshore operations. Together, we strive towards a future where every individual returns home safely, and every endeavour is marked by the highest standards of safety and responsibility. We look forward to seeing this year’s nominations."

Mark Wilson, OEUK’s Health, Safety, Environment and Operations Director said,

“The Offshore Safety Awards are a great opportunity to acknowledge the excellent work being done to promote safety across our industry. Positive feedback and recognition are fundamental ingredients required to develop a strong and sustainable safety culture. We look forward to seeing this year’s entries and having the opportunity to shine a light on the people and workplaces where their efforts are having a positive impact on the sector.”

The deadline for submitting entries is 19 April. In addition to the two new categories for 2024, the categories for the Offshore Safety Awards are:

  • Maritime Safety – sponsored by the Marine Safety Forum, this will be awarded to an individual(s) or team who have demonstrated a passion for safety, leading by example, and continuously striving for safe operations. It recognises those who’ve had a positive influence on the safety culture, behaviours and/or performance in a maritime environment.
  • Safety Representative of the Year - an award, sponsored by OPITO, that recognises an enthusiastic and committed Elected Safety Representative who has demonstrably influenced the safety agenda, culture and/or behaviours at their worksite.
  • Sharing and Learning - awarded to the individual(s) or team who can demonstrate a practical example of how they introduced, influenced or enhanced a learning and sharing culture. Sponsored by Spirit Energy, this award includes safety practices at their company, place of workplace or within OEUK and/or Step Change in Safety.
  • Workforce Engagement - the award presented to the individual(s) or team who have actively engaged with co-workers on safety matters, describing how their engagement has contributed to improving the safety culture and/or performance at their worksite or employing company.

More information about submitting a nomination for the Offshore Safety Awards is available here.