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                                                             EBS Training Video   The new Emergency Breathing System (EBS) to be used in offshore...
Mon 14th July
  The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) today announced the approval of a new enhanced emergency breathing system that will deliver improved levels of safety for offshore helicopter passengers.  The move follows a series of measures announced in February to increase the safety of offshore...
Thu 10th July
CAP 1145 - Category A Emergency Breathing Systems  CAP 1145 is a report from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) which was produced as a review of offshore safety following the fatal helicopter crash in August 2013. Part of this report focused on Emergency Breathing Systems;...
Mon 7th July
Tea Shack News reports on issues that are important to workers in the oil and gas industry.  The second edition includes updates on the CAA recommendations and the results of the Workforce Engagement Survey.  It can be picked up from heliports across the UK that...
Tue 1st July
Les Linklater, team leader for Step Change in Safety, said at a Competence and Human Factors event  that he believes human error is one of the biggest threats to safety offshore. He said: “Safety in the oil and gas industry is dependent on people making...
Wed 25th June
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