• Published: 28 Mar 2024

Chemical Handling – Eye Burn

Chemical Handling Eye Burn
Chemical Handling Eye Burn

Description of Incident

The Marine Safety Forum published Safety Alert 23-20 relating to someone getting an eye injury as a result of getting chemicals in their eye. The incident occurred when an engineer was preparing equipment for treating fuel tanks with biocide. Correct PPE was used for the job and a toolbox talk was carried out. A portable pneumatic pump was in use for this job. During checks of the pump, a small splash/spray was released from the hose.

At that exact moment someone was passing by on the deck below. A few drops of biocide splashed on to that persons’ head. Although safety glasses were worn, some of the chemical caused irritation in the persons’ eye. He immediately went to the workshop to wash his eyes with water, alerted the engineer who provided eyewash liquid and informed the bridge about the incident. The Chief Officer provided first aid and transport to the hospital was arranged. The incident resulted in a small burn to the eye and the injured person was provided with antibiotic cream for several days.

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