• Published: 28 Mar 2024

Security: Illegal boarding - theft while the vessel at anchor

Illegal boarding theft while the vessel at anchor
Illegal boarding theft while the vessel at anchor

Description of Incident

An intruder armed with a knife boarded a vessel at anchor in Luanda, Angola. The intruder was discovered during the hours of darkness when a member of the crew was conducting a security patrol. An unidentified individual was observed on the starboard side of B-deck. The crew member immediately reported the sighting to the bridge and the alarm was raised, alerting others to the presence of the intruder who was armed with a knife. The general alarm was activated, and the Master was called to the bridge.

Upon hearing the alarm, the unidentified individual jumped overboard escaped aboard a skiff. Before fleeing, the individual removed one life buoy with a lamp and two life buoys, and threw them into the water.

The bridge team monitored the skiff's movements on the radar as it approached another vessel, which was anchored adjacent to the vessel’s port side. Communication regarding the skiff was made to the vessel via VHF radio. Subsequently, the skiff disappeared from radar tracking.

In response to the situation, the Master implemented double watch duties onboard the vessel to enhance security.

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