• Published: 25 Jan 2024

Day Signal mast broke off and fell to deck

Day Signal mast broke off and fell to deck
Day Signal mast broke off and fell to deck

Description of Incident

On a offshore field support vessel waiting on poor weather and experiencing high winds, the Day Signal mast on the roof of the wheelhouse broke off and part of it weighing 35kg, fell 16m to the main deck.

The weather was deteriorating and Hs (Significant Wave Height) was over 3m. The bridge team had discussed lowering the Day Signal but agreed that the wind and vessel movement could cause an increased and unnecessary risk for working on the roof of the wheelhouse. It was decided to leave the Day Signal in the raised position.

The weather continued to deteriorate and the wind increased to 45-50 knots, gusting 60 knots. Later that day, a loud slamming noise was heard on the bridge. Deck lighting revealed that the Day Signal mast had broken off and was lying on the main deck.

Owing to the weather situation the decision was made to leave the broken signal mast unsecured on deck until the weather improved. No-one was harmed.

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