• Published: 25 Jan 2024

Wind Wall Cladding Dropped Object

Wind wall Cladding Dropped Object
Wind wall Cladding Dropped Object

Description of Incident

A piece of external cladding fell from the North-West corner of the drilling derrick middle stem, weighing 2.25 Kg and measuring 1.92m by 0.11m. It landed on the drill floor, 34 meters below. No persons was on the drill floor, and no drilling or crane operations were taking place at the time.

During investigation, it was discovered that the cladding was modified during installation, and no screws were used to fix it to the steel members. Instead, it was attached with pop rivets. This was different from the original design, and subsequent drawings were not updated to reflect the current build. As a result, it was difficult to detect the anomaly during inspections and maintenance.

The weather conditions and deviation from the original design caused the cladding to fall.

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