• Published: 10 Jul 2017
  • Incident ID: 4073

Fatality during unpacking of heavy electrical panel equipment

Cause & Consequence

  • Trapped or crushed

Contributing Factor

  • Control of work

Description of Process

Unpacking of VSD panel prior to installing on offshore production platform

Description of Incident

During the unpacking of a 1.5t electrical VSD panel from its transit packaging, the unit fell forward, trapping and tragically killing one of the work party.

The unit was contained within an export type storage package, with removable sides and ends and retaining batons on the long horizontal sides. It was during the removal of these elements that the panel fell forward.

Good Practice Guidance

  • Ensure risks have been suitably risk assessed, ALARP and control measures are being effectively implemented.
  • All persons interacting with potentially unstable equipment must ensure they have an escape route identified in the event that the equipment should become unstable and move or fall suddenly.
  • All persons must STOP THE JOB if they consider the risk of potentially unstable equipment has not been suitably risk assessed, the control measures are inadequate or are not being effectively implemented.

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