• Published: 12 May 2011
  • Incident ID: 3151

Faulty Wire Rope Crane Pennants with Flemish Eye

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The two 32mm diameter wire rope pennants, which are manufactured by opening the ends of the wire and forming a type of splice which is held in place by pressing a steel sleeve, had not received the necessary degree of pressing. The termination process requires the steel sleeve to be shaped into the correct form by pressing the steel sleeve twice. This is done once by using one size of die and then the second time using the final size required.

Lessons Identified

Human errors are possible and can be minimised by the application of checks which involve more apparent indicator and subsequent QC verifications.

Incident Recommendations

Internal investigation has indicated that this problem may be limited to only the two pennants which have since been withdrawn from service, however as a precaution provision should be made to have such pennants checked by applying a go/no go gauge to the steel sleeve. 32mm size is denoted as 1 ¼ “ on the Crosby gauge. Inspection by the naked eye is not sufficient to detect any discrepancy. Manufacturers involved in the process should contact as per the details below for more information. Users should contact their supplier for gauge

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