• Published: 24 May 2023

Injuries Sustained from a 2m Fall Between Decks

Screenshot 2023 05 24 103234
Screenshot 2023 05 24 103234

Description of Incident

A members Anchor Handling Vessel was alongside in port and had just finishing off a demob for a contract.

The Bosun and Chief Officer who were on the main deck heard a loud bang from inside the winch hanger. Upon investigation they found the IP in the port chain Shute on the main deck. IP was conscious but disoriented and had a small cut to the back, left side of their head. IP said he had fallen from A-deck, height of approx. 2m.

IP was able to walk on his own with assistance and was escorted inside the accommodation. Master was alerted and instructed the 2/O clean the cut and monitor the IP’s condition. Master called the vessel superintendent and ships agent who arranged for an ambulance. Ambulance arrived and IP departed the vessel for hospital.

Upon assisting the IP inside the accommodation, the Bosun went to A-deck and found the safety chain was not in place. Safety chain could not be confirmed to be in place as it was found in the down position with a link missing. A carabiner was still in place at one end and a a welded link in place on the other. Missing link on welded end could not be located.

IP is an experienced Client Marine Representative with over 30 years’ experience in Maritime and offshore sectors. Working worldwide as an independent Client Marine Representative.

On examination in hospital the IP had suffered one broken vertebrae, several broken ribs, a fractured wrist, cut to the back of head and internal bruising to the kidneys.

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