• Published: 18 Jan 2024

Workboat collision with wind turbine platform

Workboat collision with wind turbine platform
Workboat collision with wind turbine platform

Description of Incident

A workboat collided with a turbine platform in an offshore wind farm, causing injuries to one of the crew and minor damage to the workboat itself. The incident happened during transfer of two teams to carry out maintenance tasks on two different wind turbines. The master set minimum power ahead and steamed on a course between the wind turbines, intending to use the time to complete some administrative paperwork. He was working at the aft-facing chart table on the bridge, but had become engrossed in paperwork and lost track of time, when the boat, having gone off-course, collided with one of the towers.

The workboat took the brunt of the impact on its off-centre protected bow section. The crewman was thrown against a shelf and sustained two broken ribs. The master assessed the crewman’s injury and the damage to the workboat and returned to harbour to evacuate the crewman for treatment at the local hospital. There was little damage to the workboat other than small dents and abrasions.

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